Technical Information

Thermal & pressure resistant
Note: 1Mpa=145psi=10bar table 1

(mm)(inch)Minimum brust pressure (MPa)Min pipe ring strength (N)Long-term hydrostatic strenght (MPa)
32401 1/43.528002.1
41501 1/23.532002.0

Low thermal conductivity
0.45W7m.k, about 1 /100 of the steel pipes, more suitable for hot water supply than metal pipe.

Absolutely diffusion

The aluminium core is continuously overlapped or butt welded and prevents oxygen/gases from permeating into the pipe. Consequently, the corrosion of metallic installation components is avoided.

Corrosion resistant

The smooth inner and outer plastic layers hold water at bay-preventing deposit accumulation and corrosion. At normal temperature, it can withstand all kinds of acid, alkali and salt solution.

Better earthquake resistance of structure

Shaken but not stirred, Rifeng pipes are flexible. This not only means that they are easy to install but they are also reliable-especially when an earthquake strikes.

Hydraulic Function

The inner roughness of Rifeng pipe is 0.007mm. The inner is very smooth that makes Rifeng pipe ideal for liquid (like water) supply.

Low heat expansion (see graph)

25×10-6 m/m.k, only 1/8 of polyethylene pipe’s, almost same to aluminium pipe’s. The permanent bond of plastic layers to the aluminium considerably reduces heat expansion.

Pressure resistant and long service life

The diagram shows that Sant-Rifeng pipe will last you 50 years of operation under the set conditions and pressures. The forcing aging test by the Synthetic Materials Research Institute of Ministry of Chemical Industry has proved it as well

Advantages comparison between Sant-Rifeng Pipe and other pipes

Oxygen-permeability of various kinds of plastic pipes