Press Fitting-F5 (U profile)

The patented Rifeng F5 press fitting is an innovative fitting, which is developed according to the international advanced technology, and has been the mains tream fitting in Europe and USA.

Unique structure:

  1. Two O-rings placed on the fitting insert.
  2. Three annular grooves on the three-step-labyrinth structure inset.
  3. Perfect sealing performance.

High quality sealing material:

The material of Rifeng F5 fitting O-rings is EPDM, which has excellent specialty of anti-aging, well-rebound and long lifetime performance. It ensures no leaking in the piping system for long-term use.

Secure Connecting way:

The safe and stabile connecting lies on the permanent compression plastic deformation of the stainless steel sleeve by using the special pressing tool to complete the connecting correctly.