Unequal tee

Three ends connected to multi-layer pipes, with one or two ends different in size from the other end(s) and Made of plated brass with press sleeve.

F5-T1216*1620*1216 IIA 15120
F5-T1620*1216*1216 IIA 15120
F5-T1620*1216*1620 IIA 15120
F5-T1620*1620*1216 IIA15120
F5-T1620*2025*1620 IIA-96
F5-T2025*1216*1216 IIA -96
F5-T2025*1216*2025 IIA -70
F5-T2025*1620*1620 IIA70
F5-T2025*1620*2025 IIA70
F5-T2025*2025*1620 IIA-70
F5-T2632*1216*2632 IIA--
F5-T2632*1620*2632 IIA--
F5-T3240*1620*3240 II--
F5-T3240*2025*3240 II--
F5-T4150*2025*4150 IIA--
F5-T4150*2632*4150 IIA--
F5-T4150*3240*4150 II--