Installation & Services

Step 1

Pipe cutting

Cut the pipe vertically and precisely with Sant-Rifeng pipe cutter.

Step 2

Rounding and beveling

Round and bevel the end holes with the Sant-Rifeng plastic reamer.

Step 3


  1. Choose the right size fitting according to the pipe, put the nut over the pipe, side the compression ring over the pipe, make sure the mouth of the nut and the pipe faces the same direction.

Step 3 – 2nd point


2.  Push the inserts into the pipe up to the shoulder, take care not to damage the O-ring.

Step 4


  1. Follow the clamp tools instruction; position the clamp jaws so that their ends aligned with the end of the press sleeve. Shut the press clamp and begin the pressing procedure. It can only clamp once.


  1. This installation manual is especially for the 14-32(mm) piping systems.
  2. For your safe connection, Sant-Rifeng pipes should be connected with approved fittings recommended by Sant-Rifeng.

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