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SantRifeng – Composite Piping System

Sant-Rifeng Based on Multilayer Pipe, the system is built for safety and reliability, using corrosion-proof components assembly is clean, safe and fast. The smooth inner surface of Sant-Rifeng Pipe prevents deposit accumulation and corrosion, leading up to 30% more flowing than metal pipe. Combining the advantages of plastic and metal, Sant-Rifeng Multilayer Pipe is ideal for all common hot and cold water installations. Sant-Rifeng Pipes and Fittings carry the NSF and DVGW certificate for potable water. Product life span for SantRifeng's Composite Piping System is in excess of 50 years

Manifold installation
• Easy planning
• Simple determination of pressure loss and rating
• Low pressure losses
• No connection points under floor

Tee installation
• Supplying several tapping with one pipe
• Less pipe required
• For renovation installation in existing slots
• Individual valve connections

Manifold installation
• Eases the pressure loss
• Save the usage of pipes and fittings
• Less fittings required
• Individual valve connection

Five layers in one pipe do it all!

Five layers in one pipe do it all!
With Sant-Rifeng’s five layer composite pipes, we have developed an advanced product that unites the advantages of a metal and plastic pipe and eliminates the disadvantages of both materials at the same time. This offers product advantages that are second to none:

  •  Form stable-the bends stay in place, making the system quick to install while using fewer fittings.
  •  Linear expansion rates closer to copper than other pure plastics pipes.
  •  The aluminium core is absolutely diffusion tight.

Smart fittings-Fast, Easy, Permanent, Safe!

The strength of Sant-Rifeng also lies in the fitting, which is designed to perfectly fit the pipe this ensures that all fittings have optimized insert part geometry for a long and safe life-time. The Sant-Rifeng Multilayer Plumbing System range of fittings, consisting of couplings, elbows, tees and a large number of other system components leaves nothing to be desired: pressing or screwing-both methods can be used to ensure a permanently tight connection.

Matched components complete assortments for the entire installation!

  • Especially suitable for renovation and DIY.
  • Simple connection of all plumbing objects and valves on the market.

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Best of Both Worlds

Strength, memory and pressure rating of aluminium with the corrosion resistance of PEX inside and out.

100% Oxygen Tight

Absolutely isolated due the utilization of aluminium core, no growth of micro-organism, non-toxic, safe and hygienic.


Bends easily without bounce, bends to your will without additional fittings.

Resistance Capability

Prominent pressure and temperature resistant, resists most acids, salt solutions, alkalis, fats, and oils, corrosion with excellent performance.

Fields of Application

Cold & hot water supply, gas & heating system for commercial and domestic usage.

Easy Handling & Simple Installation

Low pipe weight, easy to carry and store, can be rolled out by hand without using special tools, stays where you put it. (Doesn’t spring back.)

Labor Saving

Using Sant-Rifeng PEX-AL-PEX pipes requires less labor, labor cost can be reduced and time limit for project would be shortened.

Can be located with a Metal Detector When remodeling, adding walls or bolting down equipment, it’s a must to be able to find the pipe.

Fitting Range

Choice of Sant-Rifeng patented F5 press fitting, nickel plated copper alloy brass or DZR brass (De-Zincification Resistance brass).

Sant-Rifeng PEX-AL-PEX Pipe meets the requirements of AS4176.

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